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2024 Summer Day Programs


Make this summer the best summer ever with our exciting Martial Arts Day Programs. Enjoy martial arts training along with fun and challenging games and drills designed to help you not only learn martial arts but also improve your focus, control, coordination, and much more. Choose from 5 weeks, each with a different martial arts focus. Programs are open to beginners as well as the more advanced students. Choose one or more weeks. Space is limited, so register today!

Mini Martial Arts (ages 5 - 7)
June 17th thru June 21st

The perfect program for ages five, six, and seven. Everyday has a different focus. From punches to kicks to combos to coordination drills and self-defense, each student is sure to have a blast during Mini Martial Arts.
Weapons - Bokken (ages 6 & up)
July 8th thru July 12th

Learn the art of the Bokken (wooden sword). Build strength, develop discipline, and learn how to move the bokken like a samurai. Students are taught proper execution of techiques and the responsibility required when learning weapons.
Karate Adventure (ages 6 & up)
June 24th thru June 28th

Join the adventure and the fun as you embark on a journey filled with karate, sparring, grappling, self-defense, and weapons. Each day focuses on a different element of martial arts.


Ninja Challenge (ages 6 & up)
July 22nd thru July 26th
You are sure to have a blast at Ninja Challenge. Not only will you develop skills like a ninja but you will also work together as a team to take down the challenges in Ninja Challenge. Emphasis is placed on proper technique and how to apply it in    self-defense.


Weapons -  Nunchaku (ages 6 & up)
July 29th thru August 2nd
Learn how to use the nunchaku. Boost your coordination, awareness, and focus. Each day is filled with fun lessons, drills, and games to help you learn the proper use of the nunchaku and the responsibility needed when learning weapons.

Please Note: Registration will remain open until the first day of each week's program unless the program has reached the maximum number of students enrolled prior to its start.

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