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Our Story

The CKD Academy of Martial Arts is owned and operated by Sensei Travis Christensen and Sensei Heather Christensen, a brother-sister team of martial artist with over thirty years combined teaching experience.


We started the CKD Academy of Martial Arts in 2007 under the name Christensen’s Keichu-Do Academy when our instructor, Grandmaster Marx, retired from teaching. After a while Christensen’s Keichu-Do Academy was changed to CKD Academy and Martial Arts was tacked on. (Answering the phone Christensen’s Keichu-Do Academy is truly a mouthful…give it a try…see).


At the CKD Academy of Martial Arts we are devoted to training students to achieve their best not just in martial arts but also in life. We believe martial arts teaches important values and characteristics such as respect, discipline, confidence, honesty, courage, and humility to name a few. As students train in martial arts these values and characteristics will find themselves being carried over to their everyday life.


Here at the CKD Academy we believe knowledge and skill are more important than rank. Our goal for each of our students is not to see how fast they can progress through the ranks, but to ensure they understand and know the application of each technique taught to them. Students are required to demonstrate proper and proficient techniques before being promoted to their next rank.


We invite you to stop in and check out any of our classes. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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